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Anti-icing is the reverse process of ice formation on the surfaces of various objects, structures, buildings, etc. at low temperatures.

During the changeable weather, the process of icicle formation is actively taking place during icing on the buildings. Today, the only effective method of combating the formation of ice on the roof and in the gutters, which has become the most widespread in the world, is the cable anti-icing system (KPO). It is based on special heating cables (with a power of approximately 50 kW), which are laid along the edges of the roof in gutters and downspouts and in all places where ice can form.

Anti-icing is used for:

  • roofs to avoid large steps of snow masses, the formation of icicles;
  • pipes, pipelines, trays, gutters, drains to provide drains and protection against destruction;
  • stairs and platforms to ensure the safety of movement;
  • paths, roads to ensure the normal operation of transport and equipment.

You can order the calculation, purchase and installation of the anti-icing system yourself or in a specialized organization.