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Fire extinguishing system

Fire extinguishing system

When organizing a fire extinguishing system, you can be guided by the following documents:

  • ДБН A.2.2-3-2014 “Composition and content of project documentation for construction”;
  • НАПБ A.01.001-2014 “Rules of fire safety in Ukraine”;
  • ДБН V.2.5.-56:2014 “Fire protection systems”;
  • ВСН 25.09.68-85 “Rules of production and acceptance of works. Installations of security, fire and security and fire alarms”;
  • ДБН V.1.1-7-2016 “Fire safety of construction objects. General requirements”;
  • ДСТУ-H CEN/TS 54-14:2009 “Fire alarm and notification systems. Part 14”;
  • Civil Protection Code of Ukraine No. 353-VII dated June 20, 2013;
  • EN 15004-1:2014 “Stationary fire extinguishing systems. Gas fire extinguishing systems”;
  • ДСТУ 4466-8:2008 “Gas fire extinguishing systems. Design, installation, testing, maintenance and safety”;
  • other documents related to this topic.

As a rule, SPs are installed at high-risk facilities, for example, granaries, the oil and gas industry, during the production or storage of explosive substances.

Note that the joint venture is very expensive and requires certain skills and knowledge in design, supply and installation.

In principle, the SP is:

  • modules with gas (main and reserve)
  • pipelines
  • alarm sensors, forced activation buttons
  • notification system
  • management system