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How to legalize a hangar in Ukraine

How to legalize a hangar in Ukraine

If you built a country house on your legal plot, this does not mean that it is yours. Imagine that without registration of ownership rights to self-built real estate, it will not be considered yours. The same applies to various outbuildings and outbuildings. Therefore, in order not to have problems in the future, arbitrary constructions and redevelopment must be officially registered.

Self-build, according to the Civil Code, is considered real estate that has been built or is currently under construction:

  • on a plot of land that was not allocated for this purpose;
  • without a proper permit or a properly approved project;
  • with significant violations of norms and rules.

At the moment, there are three ways of legalizing self-constructed buildings: a general procedure, a simplified one, and a separate one for buildings built before August 5, 1992.

The general order in general has not changed. In order for the building to be put into operation, the owner must obtain the rights to the land plot, if it is a house, draw up project documentation according to the rules, obtain permits from all technical services, draw up subcontracts, conduct author’s and technical inspection, if necessary, rebuild the building in accordance with all building regulations. After that, the self-build is submitted to the DABK with all the collected documents. Right here you will receive a document establishing your real estate.

According to the simplified procedure, it is necessary to submit a smaller number of documents to the commission. But you can use this order only if there are clearly defined objects. First, these are residential and summer houses, farm buildings and various outbuildings, built from 08/05/1992 to 03/12/2011. Secondly, these are public or agricultural buildings of the 1st and 2nd complexity categories, erected before 03/12/2011. If your buildings meet these conditions, you need to submit a deed of ownership of the land or a lease agreement and a technical report,

which will certify the survey of the structure and communication networks. Then it remains to wait only 10 days for the decision on the acceptance of the object into operation with the DABC.

Houses and outbuildings built before August 5, 1992 are allocated to a separate category for registration, because before that date there were no legal requirements for the need to put houses and outbuildings into operation. Since 1992